How do I use audio in my eLearning?
Audio is usually stored as WAV files by default on a Windows PC. You may record audio directly by plugging in a microphone and using the Sound Recorder (Start-All Programs-Accessories-Entertainment).

WAV files may be suitable on stand-alone or networked PCs but you should convert your sound to MP3 for use on the Web.

Various software is available for conversion, but if you will be creating a lot of training, you should consider purchasing an Audio editor which will enable you to edit your audio as well as compress it to MP3.

We recommend WavePad as an audio editor.

How do I use video in my eLearning?
These days, eveyone seems to have a digital camera. While digital video files are already compressed, they are usually stored at much higher resolution and quality than you will need in your eLearning.

We recommend you first consider the dimensions of the video. Full screen video is not usually recommended as we rarely watch our TV screens from a distance of around .3 metres. A size of 400 x 300 pixels should be adequate and will be easily viewable by the trainee or you may want to go to 640 x 360 for widescreen. Convert your files to MP4 (H264) video format.

MP4 files can be played by either Flash or HTML 5 in HTML AUTHOR lessons.

Last modified: Wednesday, 28 September 2011, 01:24 PM